The Unclaimed Advisor


  • Expert reports
  • Expert testimony
  • Strategy


  • Assistance in developing an “audit-compliance philosophy” (identification of goals/objectives of the compliance program)
  • Development of strategies to target and communicate with traditionally non-compliant holders and industries
  • Review and provide guidance/response on holder questions/challenges to reporting
  • Review and provide guidance on holder voluntary disclosures and settlement proposals; negotiation of liability disputes
  • Creation of “desk audit” programs to evaluate holder filings
  • Creation/management of field audit programs
  • Authorship of outlines to identify common areas of under-reporting and non-reporting
  • Analysis of statutory coverage and reporting “loopholes”


  • Development of outreach campaigns/initiatives (content, placement, evaluation, etc.)
  • Creation of media strategies and messaging (strategy/handling of press inquiries; drafting of press releases, editorials, announcements, etc.)
  • Drafting/editing of holder reporting manuals, instructions, and related communications
  • Organizing holder seminars/issue forums (coordination, presentation)
  • Website design
  • Holder liaison services (mediation or representation before trade groups, industries, etc.)
  • Networking (utilizing existing relationships with all state and provincial unclaimed property programs)
  • Lobbying/testifying/legislative advocacy


  • Drafting of procedures and protocols 
  • Training and education 
  • “Unclaimed Property 101” for new administrators/agency heads/elected officials
  • Recommendations for streamlining claims review and payment 
  • Identification, development of benchmarks 
  • Staffing analysis/recommendations 
  • Review/validation of complex owner/estate claims 
  • Assessment of program performance and recommendations for optimal performance 
  • Review of vendors/outsourcing opportunities 
  • Sharing of best practices
  • Day-to-day assistance with building a successful unclaimed property operation 
  • Fraud/risk management/security advice and counsel 
  • Assist in recruitment/review/vetting of employment candidates


  • Legislative drafting 
  • Economic analysis (forecasting/budgeting) 
  • Authorship of white papers and other studies 
  • Access to 35 years’ + assembled unclaimed property literature and knowledge
“A general resource on all things unclaimed